Gomins Adventure


Our hero is a little gomin who got lost in space. With some help of his new friend (the player), he’ll start the journey back to his planet. He will have to face every kind of dangers along the way, and what is even more important, he will have to face a lot of new emotions. When he will finally get back to his home, he won’t be the same. He will be a much more grown up gomin.


Types of Games


Gomins Crash

An exciting colourful adventure where you will have to get the same colour candy together to get the maximum amount of points possible.

Gomins Bubble

A magical adventure involving both accuracy and ability. Point the lightning to make multi-coloured bubbles fall down. Be careful when the wall comes down!

Gomins Labyrinth

If you get lost, find the way out of the labyrinth. There are hidden crystals inside, so find them before the Aydrins get them; will you be faster than them?


Gomins Treasure

Find hidden treasures along with the Aydrins. Dig up the crystals and share the prize!

Coins Rain

Get stars gathering the biggest amount of coins possible!

Discover the different Aydrin

Are you a good detective? Find the Aydrin who doesn’t belong to the group.


Pet Area


Feeding your Gomin


Gomins love healthy food and look for mushrooms in the forests. Help your gomin to get the smiley mushrooms which will give you more bonus stars to get an unknown number of crystals.


These fruits ripen slowly and you will need to pick them when they are on their best ripening point. If you pick them before or after this point they will give you just a few points!

Other food

Gomins like to eat other things like pastries and sometimes… chocolate! Don’t forget to check the levels on your gomin to make sure he is ok.



Don’t forget to check the cleanliness levels of your gomin. It’s important to keep him clean, so you will have to bathe him often.








Making your gomin get fit

To keep your gomin healthy, you shall make him run and leap over obstacles. This way, apart from enjoying, he will be a strong and happy gomin.