What is Gomins?


The game Gomins it’s a space adventure in which, while your children enjoy playing, the aspects related to social and emotional intelligence –such as impulsiveness, self-control or emotions recognition, are evaluated. The results of the evaluation are based on what the child achieves in the game, so the obtained data give us a more reliable measure than other provided by other means as, for example, tests.

Evaluation games are mixed among other puzzle games and taking care of the pet in order to create a playful context and give continuity to the Gomins adventure.



Once the evaluation is done, it will go to a server that will send back the incoming data to the parents “app”. You will receive the customized information in your mobile based on the interpretation of the data obtained from the game. As an example, if your child’s frustration tolerance is low, the app will show you the intensity of this aspect, explain you what it is all about and will offer several ways through funny missions to be able to help your child to improve this area by practical activities and family games.


This way, your child’s training and learning will be very fast and efficient. You will soon see how they improve in the areas you have been working on together, becoming a healthier and happier child.