Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of use for Gomins App


The Gomins game-app is aimed at children from 4 to 11 years old. Certain aspects related to Emotional and Social Intelligence are evaluated through the game, such as impulsivity, self-control or emotions recognition. The results are obtained analysing children’s behaviours in particular stages of the game, all of them especially designed for that aim.

Gomins has been developed by Alava Reyes Consultores psychology centre (www.alavareyes.com) in cooperation with Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, through a multidisciplinary professional team, consisting of psychologists with a wide experience on children and adolescents evaluation and intervention, and also professional technicians/engineers on the audiovisual production and mobile apps fields.

How the game works

Gomins is a space adventure in which the evaluation games are mixed with other kind of games (e.g. puzzles, taking care of the character) to create a playful context in order to give continuity to the adventure and create appropriate levels of motivation and adhesion.

The App is available for download in the following stores:


Children will access the games through tablet mobile devices which need to have internet access. Although it is possible to play off-line, the device must be connected to the internet at some point to access the server and the contents manager, which will allow the update and processing of the child’s data in order to present the results to their parents or tutors.

Tutors access the information through their mobile phones, so it will be necessary to have access to the internet also (Wi-Fi, cellular data…).

Registration process for users:

Users registration for Gomins game:

To download the Gomins app, an adult must go to the appropriate store (Google Play Store, Appstore or Amazon Appstore) from a tablet device and follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open the downloading app from your device (Google Play Store, Appstore or Amazon Appstore).
  2. Look for the app writing the word “Gomins” in the browser, or following the appropriate download links in gomins.es/inicio and select it.
  3. Choose Gomins app and press the “Install” button or the prize button, in this case “Free”.
  4. It will appear a dialogue box in which you’ll be asked to give some additional data (password, permissions confirmation…) to confirm the download

Once the download is completed, you can access the app from the “Home” screen or from the menus on your device. To start playing, you will have to register the child or children who will be playing Gomins. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Start “Gomins” application. Press the green button with the videogame logo placed on the screen. You will see a short animation. When it’s finished it will appear a form named “New Player”. In this form, you must fill the child’s name or username which allows identifying every kid using the game, along with their age, sex and the colour of the Gomin they will use.
  2. Once the data have been introduced, the child’s account will be created, so he/she can start playing pressing the green button placed under the Gomin with their name.
  3. To create new accounts for other children, press the “New” button placed on the left bottom part of the screen.

Finally, to access the results of the child’s evaluation, you must create a tutor or parent account. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Start the “Gomins” app. Press the “parents” button placed on the top right side of the screen with the videogame logo on it. A form will appear to ask you for an e-mail address and a password.
  2. Press the “Register” button on the left bottom part of the form. You will access to the registering form named “New tutor”. You will have to introduce a username or nickname, and a valid e-mail address to verify your account and a password.
  3. Once all the information is submitted, you will receive an e-mail with a link on it to activate your account. Pressing the link the process will be finished and the account will be activated.


Important! The e-mail address you submit must be valid since we’ll send an e-mail to this address in order to confirm the registration process.

Users registration in the Gomis Parents Viewer app:

Once you have created the account for the parent or tutor in the Gomins videogame, the tutor will be able to see from the mobile device the results obtained by the children in the videogame, and also the suggested activities to develop their emotional and social skills. To access this information follow the steps below:

  1. Open the download application in your smartphone (Google Play Store, Appstore or Amazon Appstore)
  2. Look for the app writing the word “Gomins Parents Viewer” in the browser, or following the appropriate download links in gomins.es/inicio and select it.

Once the download is completed, you can access the app from the “Home” screen or from your Smartphone menus. To start seeing the information and accessing the activities you will have to use your user account created in the videogame. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Start the Gomins Parents Viewer app.
  2. When you start, an e-mail address and password will be required. Introduce the e-mail address and password you used when registering in the Gomins videogame on the previous steps.
  3. Press the button placed on the bottom, under the password, to access the different functions of the application.


Important! You will only be able to access the Gomins Parents Viewer app once you have registered as a parent or tutor in the Gomins videogame.

Sharing data with other parents or tutors.

Once the new tutor registering process is finished, it’s possible to share the children’s information with other equal users, that is, with another tutor. To do so, it will be necessary for the other tutor we are sharing information with, to be registered in the system. They will also need to have downloaded the Gomins Parents Viewer app to access the functions of this product (see the children’s results and get the activities for their training). To share the information with another tutor, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the “Parental Zone” in the Gomins videogame and press the button with your user name (e-mail address).
  2. Children related to the parent or tutor account will appear on the screen. Pressing the button “Share” placed under every child’s icon, you will see a form in which you will be asked for the e-mail address of the person you want to share the information with.
  3. The system will show then the terms and conditions for this process, and, once accepted, two e-mails will be sent: one informing the tutor who asked for sharing the information and other for the new tutor. This last e-mail contains a link so the new tutor can finish the process and both can start sharing the information.

Important! To ensure the correct functioning of the Gomins system, and in order to make easier the coherence and consistency of the actions of the tutors who have access to every child data, when sharing the information with a new tutor, they will be granted the same permissions and rights to the information generated by the game than the original tutor, not giving you any possibility for cancellations or changes. Therefore, before starting a “sharing” process, it will be necessary to read carefully and understand the conditions and peculiarities of the process.

Description of the available games for children:

Within Gomins, there are three main different types of tasks or phases:

  1. Playing dynamics strictly speaking. Their function is to give cohesion to the story and make easier for the child to get involved in the game, trying to get them to enjoy and feel an appropriate level of challenge to make easier the achievement of the Gomin’s system goals.
  2. Evaluation tasks. They are dynamics apparently similar to the previous ones, but they are designed by experts on psychological evaluation to get behavioural signs which allow the knowledge of certain aspects of the child’s psychology.
  3. Taking care of the character (Gomin) tasks. Same as the first ones, they try to give cohesion and reinforce the outline, creating a cooperative environment in which the child will feel motivated to move forward through the game’s different phases.

The Gomins system starts from the natural interaction among parents and children, turning the game and the family activity into an opportunity to develop emotional and social skills in the child. To achieve it, Gomins provide several guidelines and activities organized in sequences called “missions”. The missions have been designed by the psychologists of our team, and must be carried out in a certain period of time (usually 15-20 days). The missions pursue a particular goal, as for example, improving the children’s ability to learn from their own mistakes or being more patient. Every mission includes a series of activities we have called tips that the tutor must carry out with the child to improve the area it’s being worked on. A tip is a simple activity, which might be reading a short tale in the application, playing a game or doing a family activity, etc. Every time the tutor user carries out a tip, she/he must evaluate the experience regarding the usefulness and fun the activity provided. Once the mission is finished, a particular amount of “crystals” (symbolic exchange unit used in both applications) corresponding to the mission will be won, and they can be used to acquire gifts which children will require from the videogame.

Description of the tutors application’s utilities (Gomins Parents Viewer):

It’s an app that receives the data created in the game, process them and provide the information about the children status graphically and easy to understand. The tutors application allows to see the children’s results for the different emotional skills evaluated: frustration tolerance, impulsivity, self-control, social problems solving (assertiveness) and emotions recognition.

The children’s results in the game get through the internet to the content server and manager (central system which collects and processes the Gomins information), where they are evaluated and interpreted through an automatic process designed by our team of psychologists. Once the evaluation is completed, the server will send the data to the tutors application. The tutor receives the customized information in real time on their mobile devices.

Both the videogame (for children) and the application (for tutors) have in common a symbolic exchange system which allows to accumulate points while the missions are completed to send them to the children afterwards, so they can get special items such as a new pair of glasses for their pets.

Privacy, personal data protection and information society.

The tutor users, before downloading the app, must have accepted the privacy and utilities’ access conditions described in the “store” where they got the download.

The server where our content manager is allocated (where the Gomins information is stored), complies with all the technical security measures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data. Also, both our contents manager and all the communications with it comply at all times the current regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

Gomins application and its website (www.gomins.es) have been developed by and their ownership belongs to Alava Reyes Consultores, S. L.U. CIF/VAT: B83757674, registered office in Madrid, Arturo Soria nº 329. Phone number: 917667028, e-mail: privacy@gomins.es

This company is registered at Madrid Company House, Volume 19329, book 0, sheet 8, 8, page M-338745, Inscription: 1, date 30/10/2010; year pre 2003.

By virtue of Article 5 from the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD), the Gomins application users are informed that the data provided by them for their registering process, and also those data created while using the application, will be stored in a file named “Juego-app Gomins”, ownership by Alava Reyes Consultores, S.L.U., submitted to the General Data Protection Register with the only purpose of managing the registration and functioning of the application, as well as the creation and store of behavioural reports derived from the application use. The file complies with the medium-level security measures established in Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, implementing LPPD, and the data contained on it will not be communicated to third parties. The data controller informs that the behavioural reports shall be used by its team of psychologists to elaborate statistics and studies later. In these cases, the data will be treated with dissociation systems so the subject of the study is not associated to any particular physical person. The data subjects can exercise their rights provided by current regulations regarding personal data protection via written communication to the data controller in the addresses (electronic and/or postal) previously mentioned.