Gomins Viewer for Parents

Gomins Viewer for Parents


The app for parents will allow you to see your children’s results in the different emotional areas evaluated


These are the areas that are evaluated:



Frustration Tolerance

Tolerating frustration is knowing how to accept that things won’t always come out as we want. Learning to manage the negative emotions produced by changes or delays in our plans will be essential for the emotional intelligence development, and for avoiding needless suffering. We’ll use all our energy for achieving our goals, avoiding to focus them into annoyance or frustration.




The ability to control our impulses it’s a basic component in emotional intelligence. Reflexivity, the ability to identify the right moment and knowing how to wait are key elements for a good social adaptation and for solving problems efficiently.




Self-control refers to the ability we develop to manage our behaviour, emotions and thoughts depending on our aims on a long term and not so much on the immediate ones. Furthermore, the development of this ability involves a bigger autonomy, so that the children will make their decisions according to their own inner convictions and will not be carried along by outside elements. When we get a good self-control level, it gets easier to achieve our goals in every level, personal, professional and social… and it’s something we can work on ever since the children are very young.



Social Problem Solving: assertiveness

Assertiveness and social skills are the main key for success regarding human relationships, and their learning at an early stage guarantees being able to get along properly in the future. Being able to understand a particular situation, express our own feelings, wishes or opinions while respecting others’ and coming to solve our differences are some of the elements we need to work on when we want to improve the emotional intelligence.



Emotion recognition

Interaction among people is based mainly in the ability to communicate in an efficient way and to achieve it, it’s fundamental a proper understanding in the emotional level. That’s why it becomes essential to know how we feel, recognise properly our own feelings and emotions and how others feel.

How to play

Once you have signed in, you will be able to access your children data in the different emotional areas. If any area stands out for being in a low level, we’ll show you the percentage sign in red and you will be able to see the missions you can carry out along with your child in order to improve such area.

The missions

The Gomins system starts from the natural interaction among parents and children, turning the game and the family activity into an opportunity to develop emotional and social skills in the child. To achieve it, Gomins provide several guidelines and activities organized in sequences we have called “missions”.

The missions are, therefore, sequences of activities designed by the psychologists of our team, to be carried out in a certain period of time (usually 15-20 days) which pursue a particular goal, as for example, improving the children’s ability to learn from their own mistakes.

Every mission includes the tips you must carry out with your child to improve the area you are working on. You will have to schedule the tips with an alarm to remember what you have to do every day. A tip might be reading a short tale on the application, play a game or doing a family activity.
Every time you carry out a tip, you will have to evaluate whether it went right or wrong and continue the mission.

Once the mission is finished, you will get a particular amount of “crystals” corresponding to that mission. Remember you will be able to use the crystals to buy the presents your child is requesting in the videogame. If your child has requested a new pair of glasses for the pet, for example, you can use the crystals won in the mission to buy them and they will appear in the child’s videogame.


After carrying out the missions, and following the guidelines we provide in the parental application, soon you’ll see the results and improvement in the area you have been working on. It will show as well in your child’s results and as they get updated you will receive information about the improvement percentage rate on the area/s you have been working on.

Mission map

All the maps are available for download here.


Server and Content Management System

Álava Reyes has developed an evaluation and development of emotional and social skills system implemented in an application for smartphones. The system feeds on the knowledge and professional experience from a team of experts in clinical child and adolescent psychology, psychopedagogy, psychological evaluation and behaviour modification.

The main purpose of the project is to make a game-app available for a large number of parents which makes easier the development of social and emotional skills key to the personal development and professional success of their children.